Zoomlion Embarks On Third Phrase Of Nationwide Disinfections


Waste Management Company, Zoomlion Ghana Limited, has embarked on third phase nationwide disinfection and Fumigation exercise in Basic and Senior High Schools across the country.


The schools were about Two Thousand Eight Hundred and Fifty (2,850) Basic Schools and One Hundred and Eighty Five (185) Senior High School in the Bono, Bono East and Ahafo regions.

Addressing the media, the General Manager in charge of Bono, Bono East and Ahafo regions of Zoomlion Ghana Limited, Madam Esther Abayata-Asadoo stated that the disinfection exercise was part of measures to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic at the various school across the country.

According to her, Zoomlion Ghana Limited had been in charged to disinfect both the Senior High Schools and Basic Schools both private and public in the regions in order to put the schools in proper state to receive students in form two who would soon resumes to class on 5th October 2020.

“This a nationwide exercise, we are disinfection all the Basic’s, JHS and SHS in the country in line with the President’s directives to welome our student who are in JHS 2 and SHS when school reopens on 5th October 2020”, Madam Abayata-Asadoo emphasised.

She recounted that Zoomlion Ghana Limited had already disinfected and fumigated all SHSs in the region against COVID-19, bedbugs infestations.

Madam Abayata-Asadoo urged the schools to observed safety protocols by ensuring that student washes the hand regularly under running water, wearing of facemask and observing social distancing to avoid the spread of the Covid-19 disease.

Adding that “as we are aware some of the student may not want to observed to the safety protocol measures and it is the duty of the school authority to enforce them to do that “.

Madam Abayata-Asadoo charged the school authority to ensure compliance with the COVID-19 safety protocols, especially on wearing of facemask, on the various campuses.

The Headmaster of Sunyani Senior High School (SUSEC) Michael Nsiah-Agypong expressed gratitude to the government and Zoomlion for their continues contribution on seeking the best interest of the Schools in the region.

He said, it was importance to ensure that all the schools in the region are free from the deadly Coronavirus before and after reopening of the school.

To Mr. Nsiah-Agypong the intervention and involvement of Zoomlion to maintain safety in all Basic and Senior High Schools was relevance.

At the Holy Spirit basic School of the Sunyani West District, the Assistant Headmaster Vincent Ayisi expressed Gratitude’s to Zoomlion Ghana Limited for their numerous contributions towards the control of COVID-19 in the various schools.

He urges that the disinfection should not be merely long term process but if it could be a short term a engagement it would go a long way to help the schools in the prevention of the deadly pandemics.

Again at the Notre Dame Girls SHS-Fiapre Sunyani, he Headmistress of the School, Madam Veronica Amponson acknowledged the services of the Zoomlion Ghana Limited for their critical role in shaping the schools in the error of COVID-19.

She said the “we need the exercise more often because it has help us not only in control of COVID-19 but in most of areas challenges the schools are facing.

“It has reduced the spread of bedbugs, mosquito and what have you in our dormetries so far and the students are now comfortable with their studies”she explained.

Madam Veronica Amponson pleaded with the Zoomlion Ghana Limited to at least continue with the exercise at quarterly in every year in order to avoid the spread of the Covid-19 disease.

Some of the Schools that benefited from the disinfection exercise were Sunyani Senior High School, Holy Spirit Basic Schools, Holy Spirit Sister Schools Notre Dame Girls Senior High Schools among others.

By: Jamila Wahab


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