Youth And Supporters Of NDC Forces Former President Mahama On A Night Tour Ahead Of His Thank You Tour


The Upper West capital, Wa has risen to an unprecedented heroic entry of JM.


The president who is on a day’s tour in the region, entered Wa from Bole where he attended the funeral of the mother of his aid and cousin DSP James Mahama.

On hearing the entry of JM, as he is popularly called, the youth decided to block the road with a long convoy of motorcycles, tricycles and cars.

They appealed to be allowed to lead JM through the town to mark a triumphant entry of a successful campaign and elections.

An entry that was supposed to take 10 minutes to his hotel, took close to two hours with the street filled to capacity, and a lot more people rushing from their rooms to wave at their leader.

Many chanted, ‘this is our president’, ‘the man of peace’, you are our automatic choice amongst others.

As I put this piece together, the car park of his hotel is filled up with people with no place for a foot to step, with supporters waiting to hear a word from JM.

I can confidently say, the streets of Upper West will have a show down tomorrow when his excellency begins his official tour!!!

Kun fa Yakun

By: Godwin Ako Gunn


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