Yoruba Community Joins Ga Mantse To Celebrate Homowo


The Greater Accra Yoruba Community on Saturday joined hundreds of well wishers and sympathizers to pay homage to the Ga Mantse, His Royal Majesty King Tackie Teiko Tsuru II, during the celebration of the annual Homowo festival at the stool house in Accra.


The Greater Accra Yoruba Community entourage included the President, Amb. Oloye Oyeyemi Fatuyi, Vice President Otunba Lukman Taiwo Bakare, Hon. The Secretary, Bola Akeem Koleade and other executive members of the Yoruba Community.

Homowo which means hooting at hunger, is celebrated annually by the people of Ga was characterised by several activities, such as the pouring of libation by the traditional authorities and the sprinkling of the traditional meal Kpokpoi amid the firing of musketry, singing, drumming and dancing.

The festival was also characterised by rich cultural display of drumming and the singing of traditional songs to which the celebrants gracefully danced.

In his remarks, the President of the Greater Accra Yoruba Community, Amb. Oloye Oyeyemi Fatuyi, said the culture and tradition of the people depicted their identity hence the need to protect and project it.

He underscored the need for Africans to uphold their culture in high esteem in order not to lose their true identity.

Amb. Oloye Oyeyemi Fatuyi, noted that the beauty of the people is their cultural values that a nation could develop without knowing its history, customs and traditions.

He described the Homowo as momentous and hoped the love and unity between the two tribes would be maintained by succeeding generations.

Amb. Oloye Oyeyemi Fatuyi was hopeful that joining the people of Ga to celebrate the Homowo festival would consolidate the ties between the Gas and their Yoruba people.

The Yoruba’s from Nigeria; Ilorin Lagos, Ibadan, Ogbomosho, Offa, Oshogbo, Abeokuta, Shaki, Oyo and Ijebu-Ode migrated to the Gold Coast in the early 19th century and have since integrated and become an intricate part of the nation.

By: Paul Mamattah



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