Why Should We Allow These Sakawa People To Disgrace Ghana With Money Laundering Too?


The ultimate aim of every political party is to win power. The multi million question is, what do we do with the power when we have it?


It is turning out to look like, the NPP is a group which seeks political power to push criminal activities.

The NDC has proven beyond every reasonable doubt that it is a nation builder. It is concerned about the well-being of its people and the nation.

The NPP on the other hand is interested in making money through fair or foul means. To hell with the name Ghana!!!

The first NPP administration introduced the cocaine trade by the high ranking political class.

We saw cocaine being turned into konkonte powder, cocaine floating on the sea where full legged police officers couldn’t win the race of running for it, but limping men were accused of running and swimming faster than the police and Navy, is this not amazing?

When it comes to cocaine, the NPP has many insane stories to tell.

Today our accounts in many EU countries are being closed down for money laundering by the same political party people tradition, “NPP”.

With this corrupt mindset of making dirty money at the detriment of Ghana, how can they concentrate on building this nation or understanding the needs of the ordinary Ghanian?

If one understand why they prefer offshore companies, companies registered in tax havens etc, you will come to appreciate and understand why these corruptions under Nana Akufo Addo is not going anywhere soon.

The man is just leading a team of crooks and corrupt people.

This people sadly have the guts to ask for re-election !!! Four more to steal or four more to sell Ghana?

Let’s continue counting the days for their exit because there are better days ahead .

Kun Fa Yakun



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