We Shall Fight MacDan Till The Last Man Is Down – Ada Residents


Spokesperson for Affected Residents in Ada Songor, Mr. Abraham Tetteh has fumed that they will resist McDan with all their might and strength “even with our last blood” since the songor lagoon belongs to the Indigenes.


According to him they thought electrochem coming on board will be a blessing to the Indigenes but has rather turned into a curse.

Mr. Tetteh made the statement at a forum held in Accra on Monday by Third World Network on the Ada Songor concession, leased to Electrochem and its attendant brutalities.

“What McDan is doing to us is the Worst thing that has ever happened to Ada”, Mr. Tetteh noted.

It would be recalled that land guards working for Electrochem, a company owned by the beleaguered Daniel Macauley (McDan) attacked Residents in and around the songor concession including gun shots without provocation and causing the arrest of dozens of the Youth in the area.

This, the Spokesperson believes smacks of human rights abuses and that they will resist any oppression from Electrochem.

Mr. Tetteh revealed that his brother together with others have been arrested by the Police and are in detention for no offence.

He therefore called on the Police to release the people and rather prevail upon management of Electrochem to stop attacking them with dogs and land guards.

The Executive Director of TWN, Dr. Yaw Graham on his part condemned the incessant attacks on the Indigenes by Electrochem.

“We are talking about unarmed people who were rounded up and brutalized.

We are talking about people who seem to have suffered collective punishment on the basis of what a few people may have done”, the Executive Director emphasized.

He explained that even though Ghana touts itself as a democratic country, democracy is not only about voting but respecting the rights of the people.

“The whole country was in uproar about Ejura and so on and I think the road to that kind of thing is very easy to war”, he stressed.

On his part a Solar Salt Technologist, Mr. Stephen Quaye blamed the unrest at Ada songor on management of Eletrochem whom he said have failed to implement the Master Plan.

He explained that the approach by Electrochem is dangerous describing it as a recipe for disaster.

“The Master plan said bring Indigenes on board. They should be in co-operatives. Let them win the salt then you the mother company will process the salt and market it to the International market”, Mr. Quaye explained.



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