Water Projects Abandoned, Residents Run Shift With Cattle Over Drinking Water


Communities in the three Tongu Districts of the Volta Region and parts of the Ada East and West Districts of the Greater Accra Region have to struggle with animals to access drinking water due to the neglect of a water treatment project by this administration.


Hard hit communities such as Mafi Srekpe, Kpevenu-Tsati, Mafi- Hayiborkofe, Mafi- Zakofe, Mafi Srekpe- Kofedeke compete with animals to get access to water from the Afiba Dam.

Folks from the above communities must fetch the gems infested water before 10am or they go thirsty until early the following day as animals take over the dam for rest of the day.

The current situation of people drinking muddy water which is even shared with animals would have been averted if the Nana Addo led government had completed the third phase of the Five District Pater Project.

The first and second phases of the project were completed with the water treatment plant sited at Adidome and duly commissioned by the former President John Dramaha Mahama in 2016.

The inability of the Nana Addo led administration to complete the distribution phase to provide potable water is also rendering Adaklu and other districts in the region severely hit by water problems.

Currently, the Agortime water treatment plant which supplies water to South Tongu, Anloga and Keta districts is unable to meet the growing demand of the people due to the increasing population.

Also, nothing has been heard about the ongoing Sogakope- Lome Water Project which comes as panacea to the water situation in South Tongu, Ketu South, Keta, Anloga as well a neighbouring Togo, since Nana Addo took over as the president of the nation, though some initial works were done under the immediate past administration.

The Volta Youth Forum in view of the above is calling on the president to turn to Volta regarding distribution of the national cake since he cannot point to any significant project of his administration in the Volta region.

The group reiterates a call at the NPP government to complete the third phase of the Five Districts Water Project and as well solve the Anyako water problem to bring relief to the people of the region.

By: Edward Tetteh


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