Voiceless Media To Honour Good Appointees


The Voiceless Media is to award what it terms as Good Government Appointees in the coming weeks as a way of encouraging them to put in their best for their organisations and society.


The criteria for selection shall  include but not limited to  approchability and accessibility of appointees, how they relate to their colleagues and subordinates. Their support to their party and community and the impact they are making on their  organisations and society is also considered.

The Voiceless Media has over a period of six months interacted with staff and communities of some of the beneficiaries and had both audio and video recordings on some occasions to back our work.

One unique feature about The Voiceless Media Awards is that aside citations which the Managing Editor and Staff will present to winners,  a report detailing feedback will be presented to them as well to either improve on or to back up.

Whilst some  work is still ongoing at certain organisations and Ministries,    we intend publishing the feed back available  with us soon.

Source: The Voiceless Media


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