Voiceless Media Recognises Seth Panwum For Community Service


The Management of the Voiceless Media and Consult has honoured Hon. Seth Panwum also known as Boyoyo for his services to his community over the years.


Seth Panwum who was recommended to the Voiceless Media by the people of Kpasinkpe Electoral Area for his services and support to them was their Assembly Member and also served as a Presiding Member for the West Mamprusi District Assembly for two terms.

As an Assembly Member with 12 years standing experience, Hon Panwum brought to his Electoral Area critical projects some of which included:

  1. Supply of Electricity to the Kpasenkpe Community
  2. Construction of 3 Class Room block for the people
  3. Secure farm inputs for the local people who are generally farmers
  4. Lobbied for the grading of the only road linking Kpasenkpe to Bulibia, a Feeder Road.
  5. Constructed boreholes to provide good drinking water for the people

6.Organised and sponsored vacation classes for final year students of the BECE in the Kpasenkpe Community to improve their performances

  1. He also embarked on health education to sensitive his people on certain Public Health issues in the Kpasenkpe Electoral Area so they will live healthy lives.

It must be stated that the local revenue of the West Mamprusi Assembly increased substantially during his time as PM .

Hon Panwum’s reign as Presiding Member saw the even distribution of development activities to all Electoral Areas and high mutual respect in the Assembly

As a soccer enthusiast he supported and championed the development of soccer and other sporting activities in the West Mamprusi Municipality.

It is for this and other reasons that got the Voiceless Media to recognize him.

Hon Seth Panwum thanked the Management of the Voiceless Media and Consult for such a recognition and stated that he is humbled to be recognised at this stage which he least expected.

He praised the Voiceless Media for its authentic news stories and urged them to continue.

Source: The Voiceless Media


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