Vision Is Not Long Talk, Neither Is It Empty Grammar


I have heard many people speak against his excellency Prof. JEA MILLS’ introduction of ” *father for all* ” to our political lexicon. Many have cursed it, but others have also praised the initiative as an olive branch to have ended vindictiveness, witch hunting in our young democracy.


Whatever your opinion, the media landscape today was filled with praises for the late Professor Mills, for his exemplary leadership in the commissioning of the N1 highway at Achimota some few years ago with President kuffour.

Leadership they say is a cause, and everything else are effects. If we have such a dishonest leader, who can’t even give credit where it’s deserved, can you blame the silent majority who can not even admit they are dying?

I keep wondering what this oldman will be remembered for some few months to come. Do I even care about this Addo Hitler?

Last week, Ghanians celebrated John Dramani Mahama for the first flight from Ho to Kumasi, yesterday, they again applauded him for the construction of the Bank hospital, and today, it’s a climax of a magnificent Pokuasi interchange. I am looking forward to see just one that Nana started and finished in 8 years.

Don’t tell me to take a picture of the Tamale interchange. Oh sorry, the Tamale overhead. Heeerrr Nana Addo Ghana, ay3 pinsooooo !!!!

Let me not disturb your Friday night. I know you may be taking it cool in your own small way. God will not shame us. We will definitely see the better days ahead .

Kun fa Yakun

By: Godwin Ako Gunn



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