UPP Executives Eulogise NPP Government On Yet Another Pain Relief Manifesto Launch


Over the years the good people of Ghana have always needed a well composed political party in the country that can help relief them from the struggles that has embedded them for far too long. 


The government of the day has touched so many important areas that needs an Evaluation, it’s undoubtedly one of the best Manifesto’s that has a proven record of transforming and changing lives with facts contain in it (Use the Fact Tracker when in doubt ). 

The pain killer governmental approach by the government has proven to be the best of it’s kind

Looking at the current economy and comparing this government to the previous NDC government, one can proudly say he/she has brought “Abroad to Ghana” as said by the Ashanti regional Chairman- Wontumi , Ghana is not completely transformed but the rate at which the NPP is transforming lives with Technology , tell us the future it has for us. 

The current performance of H.E Nana Addo  led government makes it difficult for any political party to contest them in this years December polls because of the resilient performance in every sector of the economy.

The UPP wants to further emphasis that our party will remain resolute with matters of fact and truth. Our party remain committed to the good works of the government and will Chastise it as and when necessary.

Among the list of few important reliefs by the Nana Addo led government( Manifesto) 

  1. All Training Teachers and Nurses denied engagement have been engaged
  2. Allowances for Teacher and Nursing trainees have been restored
  3. Tax waiver on all Health workers in these difficult times Relieved 
  4. The life changing Free Senior High School policy comes in as a blessing to Ghanaians even though it’s implementation is faced by some few challenges. 
  5. Student now need only their Ecowas Identity card to enable them access the loan scheme,  such awesomeness. 
  6. Construction of 5 District hospitals in Sawla, Tolon, Buipe, Somanya and Wheta .
  7. Over a 90,000 Nabcans engaged 
  8. NEIP
  9. Our good brothers and sisters into Kayayi are now relieved from paying Market tolls .

10.  Value for money, seeks to construct 4 interchange with just 289 million Dollars 

The Nana Addo led administration looks very promising and compassionate in their delivery of promises and the wellbeing of the ordinary Ghanaian . God bless our homeland Ghana.


National Communications Officer.
Alan Godwin.
0 24 986 6977



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