Unite To Foster For Common Goal – Chief Urges


The regent Chief of Korleman, Nii Martei I, has called on all GaDangmes to unite and foster for a common goal as one people with a vision that will move the Gadangme state to a better place for the people of the Greater Accra region.


Nii Martei I, made the remarks during the Gamashie Homowo when he joined the Ga Mantse, Nii Tackie Teiko Tsuru II, to sprinkled Kpokpoi at Amaga We in Accra.

The traditional Ga food known as Kpokpoi is made from steamed, fermented corn meal and palm oil, often with okro or smoked fish added, served with palmnut soup.


In his remarks, Nii Martei I, stated that Homowo is one of the most celebrated activities in the Ga state each year. it’s a period when Ga’s all over the nation and abroad come home yearly for a reunion and celebration of how blessed they have been, casting minds back to where they come from and where they are today and also it is a periods of stock taking and planning into projects to improve the livelihood of communities and family as well forward.

He therefore urged all to united to build the Ga state and to bring development.

By: John Mensah


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