Trust NDC With New Energy In 2024


His Excellency John Dramani Mahama has ones again shaken the foundations of Ahafo with yet another emphatic statement, when he met the Regional House of Chiefs and the community in Goaso this morning.


“When two sheep knock their heads in a fight, each goes back, prepare and comes back with a bang. I want to assure you that, this is the stage the NDC is in now .

We went into a contest in the year 2020. The results has been clear to each and everyone of us. We went into an elections we know we didn’t lose, what happened at the various collation centres and in court is now behind us .

In 2024, we are coming back with a well prepared force for victory that no one can argue about. We are just like the sheep which has gone back and coming back with a victorious bang.

We are on a thank you tour because we know you voted for us and even if it were a single vote we got , we still would have come back to thank you.

Fortunately, the National Executives will be coming back for an outreach, these are processes that we will be undergoing to rebuild our party for the battles ahead.

Under normal circumstances, I should have come with just two words; “Thank You” and return. However we must take stalk of the various contributions you gave us for you to know we really appreciate it.

We all come out to vote looking forward to a better life. But look at the economic situation today, unemployment amongst the youth, etc . The NDC cannot fold its arms in despair, but will be willing at anytime to help in building our nation .

After 5 years , we still have abandoned road projects, school projects, hospitals amongst others . We must speak out on all these issues because it was not my money that was used to construct these projects but our collective taxes .

The NDC will surely be back to take this country to a higher height, he said.




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