Trouble Looms In Nungua: As Nii Odaifio Welentsi Snatches Stool From Ñkotoo Ablade Nii Odai Ayiku


Interesting revelations have emerged over how some leaders of the June 4 revolutionary structure plotted to assassinate the Nungua Mantse, Ñkotoo Ablade Nii Odai Ayiku IV, Nungua Mantse of the Nungua Traditional Area leading to his self-exile for 20 years.


A leading cadre of the June 4 Movement and the Interim National Coordinating Committee (INCC) of Defence Committees, Mr. Nyeya Yea Yeebo, who was to be a principal witness in the probe into extra-judicial killings under Rawlings military regime has admitted publicly that some leaders of the revolution knew about the extra judicial killings and that he was asked to kill the Nungua Chief.

According to him, some of the killings were orders by people or persons at the very top of the revolutionary structure.

Mr. Yen, who now lives in self-exile in London, United Kingdom recounted his own experience when he was ordered by the leadership of the revolution to kill the Nungua Mantse in 1982.

He said, after several complaints from cadres in Nungua that their Chief was obstructing the revolutionary process, the INCC ordered that he should be arrested and placed in custody for investigations and each time the Chief was arrested and placed in custody, he managed to get some soldiers to free him.

The Cadre also averred that at a point, he decided to complain to the leadership of the revolution and to seek assistance in ensuring that the Chief was dealt with in fair and just manner.

But, when he met a leader of the revolutionary process (name withheld) at the Gonja Barracks to discuss the problem, and after briefing the leader, the leader runs his finger across his own throat indicating that the Nungua Chief should be killed.

According to Mr. Yen he was shocked by this development because he had always believed that the leadership did not know about the judicial killings.

Meanwhile, when Mr. Yen visited Ghana as one of the revolutionary cadres accused of plotting the overthrow of the Rawlings regime in October 1982, he claimed that some leaders of the revolution were part of the conspiracy which led to the murder of the three High Court Judges and the retired army officer in 1992.

It was hence believed that Captain Kojo Tsikata, former Head of National Security was not the mastermind behind those killing.

Meanwhile, in another development it all became clear that the Nungua Mantse was unduly pursued into exile.

Former President Flt. Lt. Jerry John Rawlings who declared and recommended Ñkotoo Ablade Nii Odai Ayiku IV, as the right man to sit on the Nungua traditional stool as the Nungua Mantse, indicated that he was misinformed into thinking that Ñkotoo Ablade Nii Odai Ayiku IV,was a bad chief during his era of the Presidency.

According to Mr. Rawlings these allegations against the Nungua Mantse led to his arrest, torture and intimidation. He admitted of nominating Nii Osabu Adjin as the Chief of Nungua.

However, it was established that after the humiliation from some members and Chieftaincy contractors from his community, Ñkotoo Ablade Nii Odai Ayiku IV, decided to go into exile, as a result of the frequent harassment and persecution by the government, with active collaboration of the June 4 movement.

Ñkotoo Ablade Nii Odai Ayiku IV, succeeded in his plan to go on exile with the help of the National house of chiefs and the late Asantehene Opoku Ware II, who became aware of the various attempts on his life by agents of Flt. Lt. Jerry John Rawlings in 1985.

The paper gathered that after spending 20 years in exile, the elders of the Nungua Traditional Area wrote to Ñkotoo Ablade Nii Odai Ayiku IV to returned home to take over his seat as Nungua Mantse.

He presented himself to both the Ga Traditional Council and Nii Adote Obuor II, then Acting President of the Ga Traditional Council in 2003, and announced his intention to resume his seat at the Ga Traditional Council.

But on his return, he met two chiefs, Nii Odehe Kpakpa King Odaifio Akatoi from the Adzemeino We, family and a retired lecturer Dr. Samuel Okrah Bortei-Doku who styled themselves and publicly held themselves as Nungua Mantse.

Ñkotoo Ablade Nii Odai Ayiku IV, informed the House of Chiefs that the two self-acclaimed chiefs are not the legal chiefs of Nungua.

In view of this, Former President Rawlings noted that he realized after the return of Ñkotoo Ablade Nii Odai Ayiku IV, that Nungua lands were still being sold out.

This he said was a conformation that Ñkotoo Ablade Nii Odai Ayiku IV, was a good chief but he was framed up.

Former President Rawlings during the funeral service of the late Seth Badu, former Krowor Constituency NDC Secretary, reiterated that the chiefs should reconcile with Ñkotoo Ablade Nii Odai Ayiku IV, and give the seat back to him as Nungua Mantse for peace and Unity to prevail in Nungua.

Source: Insight (Wednesday March14-20 March 2011)


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