Tricycles and excavators can now fly – A-Plus


Ghanaian hiplife artiste who seems to take great interest in rapping about politics and social issues but has now taken an active stance in politics has asserted that it is only in the Akufo-Addo led administration that tricycles, excavators and fertilizers have grown wings to fly.


According to him, this is an exact repetition of happenings in the NDC’s government a while back.

Speaking on the hottest political show in Ghana, ‘Epa Hoa Daben’ on Happy98.9FM, the leader of The People’s Party (TPP) categorically stated that, “It is understandable that guinea fowls can fly away but for excavators, tricycles and fertilizers to fly away, that doesn’t sit well with us.”

He revealed that he campaigned in NPP for Nana to leave behind a legacy but this is being tainted. “We lashed out at former president Mahama and we can’t approach them now saying I told you so. The NPP is doing what the NDC did when in power and the sad thing is that the NPP is now comparing itself to the NDC which they called incompetent in their 2016 presidential campaign.”

Taking the ‘I told you so’ stance, A plus made know that he and other ardent NPP followers saw this coming but the President and others refused to hear them out. “If they had listened to us at the beginning, all these wouldn’t have happened. They’re some good people in NPP but some are disappointing,” he added.

Using the analogy of a football club, he cautioned the president to be extra vigilante with the kind of people he has around him. “Just like how management can never sack players of an entire football team but blame the coach and manager of the team for poor performance, so will Ghanaians hold Akuffo Addo responsible for the actions of his appointees and ministers. If Nana can’t sack his people, we will not vote for him.”

President Akufo-Addo’s government has come under stern criticism after it was revealed that about 500 excavators seized from illegal miners had gone missing. In that same vein, it was alleged that a militia group aligned to the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), Kandahar Boys, were responsible for the 400 missing tricycles which was reported in the news a while back.



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