The Way Bagbin Is Acting, Nana And Bawumia Should Never Dream Of Travelling Outside The Country Together


I have been following comments on social media after the Rt. Hon. speaker of Parliament corrected a wrong that have been perpetrated over the years by the executive. Respecting and having time for due process!!! Budget must be approved before implementation.


Social media has been interesting, and let me say I have enjoyed all the open and frank opinions from all sides of the divide. Comments from drivers going through toll points freely for the first time, workers of toll booths that never anticipated their dismissal before Christmas, and revenue contractors who were not informed of this decision especially when they have not been paid for months.

Another group that has taken this policy decision so personal are the hawkers who trade around the toll points. Many had brought their wares hoping to solve their bread and butter issues only to see their favourite customers speeding without waving!!!

One comment that struck me, yet got me laughing out loud was a comment from a brother and friend back in school. He said, the way the speaker is behaving, it will be suicidal for the president to dream of travelling out with his vice president living the speaker as the acting president!!!

I imagined the pain in his heart seeing his minister and director, being directed to redirect their directives, but failed to see what we learnt back in school in government class about the 3 arms of government that works separately yet together.

Truth be told, I have enjoyed the first year of Rt. Hon. Alban Bagbin’s leadership (forget about my political biases). He has given meaning to the power and independence of the legislature. Previously the legislature has been seen as a rubber stamp who just shouts yeah yeah and goes to bed.

Another negative comment that had been associated with parliament over the years was the minority will have their say, but the majority will have their way. Today, nobody is walking out of parliament and I don’t forsee that happening until the majority group proves me wrong by walking out because of Mr. Speaker. Now, everyone can have his way.

Truth be told, Mr. Speaker has been tolerant of many things in parliament, sided with the majority group in instances that did not go down well with the rank and file of the minority group. What I have heard him say, makes me believe the Ghanaian will be better served if the legislature is up and doing. Irrespective of the president in power, that president will have to carefully think through bills and policies he presents to parliament.

I am told the vice president has postponed some few appointments outside the country until the president arrives. Please let me assure Dr. Bawumia that he is free to travel and should never think the boarders will be closed to them.

The problem here is, anyone who slashes people’s throat, is afraid to sleep with his throat facing up.

Mr. speaker, keep up the good works and your exemplary leadership. One day, the other arm of government will also learn. I will always pray for you as I pray for better days ahead for this nation .

Kun fa Yakun

By: Godwin Gunn


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