The Office Of The President Is Not For Kids And Not For Jest


God has blessed us with stability and continuity to be fair in judgement and comparing political parties and it’s leadership styles.


“We have seen some”, but the way this one throws his weight about, turns his designer walking stick about, raises his shoulders and laugh out loud with his personalised seat being carried around, i know we haven’t seen anything yet. there is more to come.

There is something funny about this 8 year cycle, you never see it come.

His excellency Jerry John Rawlings did everything humanly possible to ensure Prof Mills succeeds him, but heavens said no.

President Kuffour also made it clear that he needed a good person to succeed him, so he had personal interest. Fortunately, He got a very good person to succeed him, but certainly not the one he was looking for. He got Prof Mills.

President Mahama took over from Prof Mills after almost 4 years, and worked even harder to have a second term for himself and a third term for the NDC and surprisingly, heavens said no. The eight years cycle was up.

For some funny reasons, and the arrogant comments of the NPP, they seem to be ringing the bell a little early, and relying on their forces and plan B for their succession plan.

If they were able to deploy security at a late hour, and overturned the will of the people, then an earlier deployment can do the magic for them in 2024, so performance and respect doesn’t matter. Anyway that will be a discussion for another day.

What is the use of a president you can not critique, complain, agitate, or speak your mind for fear of being killed, attacked or insulted in the name of JEST.

If you call on your president to ….

fix the nation !!! You will get a negative responds of …
*Fix yourself*
*Fix Your attitude*
*Fix your mindset*

Call on him to complete school block, he says …
*If you are tired, go and complete it yourself*

The youth cry out, we are not lazy, we want jobs, we want to work!!! He says ….
*We have no jobs for you at the public sector, aspire to be an entrepreneur after school*

Hmm I feel the pain of right thinking people who took his promises seriously, and some nerves and impudence he got now, with his taste for an Arabian king lifestyle is what strikes my anger. We can’t sit and fold our arms.

Let the like minds gather !!!
Let the angry men meet !!!
Let those who believe enough is enough rise now and be counted !!!

The blind man is threatening us with stones, he must be stepping on one. We must move him to the plains, since failed people don’t understand fairness, especially in elections *BEWARE* !!!

We have a very disrespectful president with ego. He believes in nothing, apart from his brothers and nephews. He respects only his village chief and to some extent, another.

The rest can go to hell.

For me, I am only counting days and months, because a pride comes before a fall. I have seen the pride, and the next is just a matter of time.

This is the political party that knelt on stage, and begged for votes. Today they feel its a privilege to have them and not the other way round.

For the dumb who believe that irresponsibility is just a *JEST*, I live you with the solemn words of the presidential oath of office and I hope it finds you well, and reminds you of the responsibilities of that office.

I _______________ having been elected to the high office of President of the Republic of Ghana do (in the name of the Almighty God swear) (solemnly affirm) that I will be faithful and true to the Republic of Ghana; that I will at all times preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the Republic of Ghana; and that I dedicate myself to the service and well-being of the people of the Republic of Ghana and to do right to all manner of persons.

I further (solemnly swear) (solemnly affirm) that should I at any time break this oath of office; I shall submit myself to the laws of the Republic of Ghana and suffer the penalty for it. (So help me God)”

This oath is not for kids, but for the matured and prepared, I hope he Wakes up to its responsibilities !!! I still pray for Better days ahead.

Kun fa Yakun



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