The Market Fires Are Over Because Nana Addo Is President!!!


The New Patriotic Party, NPP, will let you believe Ghana is burning and unsafe when they want power.


They first brand the leader as corrupt, cruel and a murderer etc .

It will shock you, the number of people who still have this mentality. Just that they belong to a particular part of the country where they have a particular mindset.

Is it not surprising, when President Kuffour wanted power, many women had to die? Women were killed indiscriminately, their bodies found on the open streets of Ghana, with others being imported corps!!!

When the old man got power, it ended. Job well executed, case closed; no more bodies on the street. That is what they believe and do, when they say ” power at all cost “. The “Machiavellian” type of politics.

In same vain, Nana Addo seeking power, many other women had to suffer. Markets were burnt, peoples’ capitals, savings, goods were all destroyed because someone wanted power.

I am not surprised after he got power, the markets are safe and there are no more fires.

When people refer to the UP tradition as bomb throwers, the youth who never experienced them turn to wonder, what is being said?

Today no bomb have been thrown because they are in power, but they have shown you they have excess bullets when they came to Ayawaso West Wougon .

The confidence with the NPP has nothing to do with the ballot box, they know they have failed there. Their confidence is only with violence beyond the ballot box.

My blood was boiling this afternoon when I saw bill boards of NDC, flags and paraphernalia of NDC being removed with impunity.

I felt the anger in others too, but to kill this empty goliath, we must psych ourselves for another battle beyond the ballot box.

We must be prepared to meet people on the street, positively defy all nonsense to be able to be successful in this RESCUE MISSION !!!

The NDC is not angry enough.
The NDC is not ready to fight its traitors
The NDC is not ready to share its blood for Ghana

We have a few months ahead. The earlier we make people feel uncomfortable, the better .

If it must be done, it must be done well !!!

I still believe there are better days ahead

Kun fa Yakun !!!

By: Godwin Ako Gunn


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