The Judiciary To Gift The NPP, What The Electorates Failed To Give Them?


The 2020 elections will go down us one of the most bizarre elections organized and declared in Ghana by the kind courtesy of Jean Adokwei Mensah.


Either by technicalities, protection, gymnastics or incompetence, the electoral commissioner couldn’t mount the box to defend her work.

They can help you run, but to hide, it is your own headache. Every well meaning Ghanaian saw through the silver lining what really happened during that election.

The next assignment for the unfit minister of justice, but an Attorney general for a hatchet man, Godfred Dame, is to plead to the judiciary to reduce the numbers of the NDC members of Parliament through foul means.

Let’s see how that unfolds in the coming weeks. Whenever there is a coup d’etat, Parliament is dissolved, as for the executive, they don’t need a whistle to be told their 90 minutes came too early, but the judiciary still runs. A privilege they must hold in high esteem.

People are getting tired of politically clothed judges. Though a perception, this administration tends to paint the picture of it being a reality!!!

Under normal circumstances, the place of respite for the poor, the oppressed and the politically hunted should be the judiciary but confidence is eroding painfully. I weep each day for the weak, and pray we don’t get issues with the law.

For the just, who serve justice with truth and conscience, remain the branch we the weak hold on to in drowning times.

There are still about 14 parliamentary cases still in court after the Jean Mensah’s 2020 elections. We are Counting weeks and months to see where it finally lands us, 2 years into Nana Addo’s term.

Apart from these 14, Nana Addo’s boy, Godfred Dame is hovering around the Job 600, looking for who to devour, before E-levy is reintroduced on the floor.

E-levy de asem b3ba

I felt bad for 2 judges on the streets of Umuofia when Hon Ato Forson was sent to court. The first judge who he appeared before, then the second.

The streets were busy with comments and opinions, while I listened in silence. I told you the first judge is too clean to do any dirty political work some said. Others were, he may be NDC!!!

Unfortunately for the second, and current judge, he was the opposite of the first. So you could tell the joy of the NPP members in Umoufia, and that of the neutrals.

Why will an Alhaji, like Bawumiah and his boss, Nana Addo put people’s fathers and mothers in this situation. Anyway it’s the bottle that provides its own neck for ropes to be tired on.

Isn’t it worrying for an Attorney General, who should uphold the dictates of justice to try to bypass an appeal to try criminal charges against a sitting member of Parliament just because E-levy must be passed.

Don’t be surprised when you get heads covered with wigs supporting him.

How can a judge sit in a caucus meeting to advise the NPP side in Parliament on how to reverse a decision taken by the speaker of Parliament. And it’s not just a small boy judge, but a seriously biiiggggg one. How did we get here as a nation?

After the backroom works, then they will come out saying go to court go to court. Some issues Will be settled on the streets, not the courts.

Let me end here before the crusaders of judicial independence find lines of contempt in a sober reflection. I hope those same crusaders become bold enough to say, what others are doing will soil everyone.

I know, sooner than later, we will get to the better days, where we will all say in confidence EUREKA !!! That day will surely come.

I dedicate this piece to my brother and colleague Oheneba Boamah, who can not read this until after 13 days when he regains his freedom.

Hate can’t win and the oppressed gathers strength each day.

Aluta continua

Kun fa Yakun

BY: Godwin Ako Gunn/Contributor


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