Teshie Traditional Council Takes On GARHCs


The Teshie Traditional Council (TTC) is unhappy about what it describes as a deliberate attempt by the Greater Accra Regional House of Chiefs (GARHCs)- Dodowa, to delay in resolving the Teshie chieftaincy dispute.


Addressing a press conference over the weekend at Teshie, Accra, the Shipi of Teshie, Nii Nortey Tuaka II, who acted as the spokesperson for Teshie Traditional Council, accused the regional house of chiefs of ‘manipulating’ Teshie’s chieftaincy matter, with the aim of ensuring that it remains unresolvable.

He made it clear that Teshie traditional council has two issues with the regional house of chiefs!

The first one, he said, was that the TTC sent a petition to the National House of Chiefs, which petition was referred to the registrar at Dodowa by the National House of Chiefs.

“Up till now, the Registrar at Dodowa has not responded to the petition. So the National House of Chiefs has not done anything about it!” he said.

Additionally “…we also filed a suit at the regional house of chiefs where we are challenging various things including the person who has been nominated in the last report that was given to us to be installed as Teshie Mantse,” he said.

On the second matter, Nii Nortey Tuaka II said before the TTC could be aware, the said Mantse, Gbetsoloo Nii Ashitey Akomfra III, has had his name gazetted, explaining that this was the reason they filed a suit at the regional house of chiefs.

According to him, what was eating them up was why the regional house of chiefs allegedly manipulated and changed the chosen name in the register, and still recommended that such a person should be officially handed over to the kingmakers for the necessary rites to be performed for him.

Those rites, he said, were yet to be performed for Gbetsoloo Nii Ashitey Akomfra III, adding that it was not right and proper to have gazetted his name in the register.

In the wake of the above, the TTC made it clear that the rightful person to be installed as Teshie Mantse is Nii Ashitey Kamoah III whose private name is Samuel Nii Ashitei Ahulu.

That is why the Teshie traditional council has begun the process of installing Nii Ashitey Kamoah III to become Teshie Mantse.

Explaining why such an action was being taken, the Teshie Shipi said the report that was sent to the Minister of Chieftaincy and Religious Affairs, Kofi Dzamesi, clearly stated that Nii Ashitey Kamoah III should be installed as Teshie Mantse.

“The minister after being satisfied with the findings and recommendations of the report wrote a letter in 2018 which we called a “White Paper,” and said the job was good and that Teshie people should be encouraged to perform the necessary custom and rites for Samuel Ashitei Ahulu to become Teshie Mantse.

…The Minister wrote a second letter in January 2019, stating as acknowledgement and approval of the work that has been done by the fact-finding committee and again directed that Teshie people should install Samuel Nii Ashitei Ahulu as Mantse without further delay.”

According to Nii Nortey Tuaka II, it was against the backdrop of the minister’s letter that they were emboldened to go ahead with the process of installing Nii Ashitei Ahulu as Teshie Mantse.

To this end, he urged the central government to take the report of the chieftaincy minister seriously and provide the necessary security on the day that Nii Ashitei Ahulu would be installed and inaugurated as Teshie Mantse.

He equally appealed to the National House of Chiefs to help bring finality to the Teshie chieftaincy saga.

He also encouraged the people of Teshie to be ready for the outdooring of Samuel Nii Ashitei Ahulu as Teshie Mantse.

By: Domey Freeman/Today’s Newspaper.



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