Tamale Has Spoken Loud And Clear Tikusagi


The harmattan was defied, the distance didn’t deter anyone , what mattered most today , was the voice of the people in defense of the constitution and common sense which is lost on the EC. Tikusagi; we wont agree !!! Shee ko shei !!! ; He must step down


Demonstrations has always stood for discerning views, minority positions and a course for other reasoning to be heard.

Tamale Has Spoken

I wonder why the EC Chair who until recently was the head of IEA, who was advising political parties and the then Electoral Commissioners on what to do says she can not be advised. Hypocrisy and double tongue

If this is not a case of time changes, then I will say, advices are cheap and can come from anyone. Jean Mensah must practise what she preached lest we see her as an unprincipled or a low moraled person.

We are done with Tamale, the stakes are high. They have challenged the whole nation and people must listen.

Congratulations, local organisers, you made it happen. The people of Tamale spoke through your organization.

Kumasi is next to speak, we will be with them as they make their voices heard. Untill then keep the fire burning wherever you are.

There are better days ahead, keep the fire burning

Kun fa Yakun



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