Suspected Oblogo Chief’s Murder Resurface


Police Charged to arrest suspected murderer of Oblogo Chief operating at Gbawe Muda Salifu one of the person’s suspected to have taken part in the murder of Nii Kweku Bibini II, chief of Oblogo,near Weija in Accra has once again surfaced at Gbawe, an Accra suburb years after going into hiding.


Sadly the Ghana Police Service which declared Muda Salifu and other 10 individuals wanted has failed to arrest the suspect in clear violation of its own rules.

Muda Salifu is walking as a free man while the security agencies which declared him wanted has for whatever reason failed to do the needful after several complaints by the family of the murdered Chief to the police about his (Muda Salifu’s) return to the community.


Hell broke loose on Easter Sunday April 8, 2012, when Nii Kwaku Bibini II, who had been in a protective custody after his palace was gutted by fire set by arsonists, resurfaced at Oblogo with the intention of rehabilitating his palace to resettle as a ruler of Oblogo.

A rival faction which opposed his entry into the town quickly besieged his palace to quiz him on his mission, as he had been declared a persona non grata in the area following a court order which was later over-ruled by another Court.

In the ensuing warlike situation, Nii Bibini’s men were overpowered by his rivals, causing a pandemonium in the area, with everyone running helter-skelter for their lives.

Nii was unlucky as his men fled, leaving him to his fate while the enemies closed in on him.

The chief suffered a gunshot wound in his left armpit before being clubbed and axed with a cutlass by his assassins.

Evidence also showed that the assassins also hammered a nail into his head. It could be recalled that in the Friday June 29,2012,edition of the Ghanian Times newspaper (page 3),it carried a story with the headline Oblogo Chief Murder :10 wanted.

The story as given to the newspaper by the police service mentioned names and backed it with pictures of some of the wanted persons which included Muda Salifu.

Family of the chief have expressed disappointment with the past and present government, the security agencies and the Judiciary over their failure to serve justice to the family.

According to the family, the murder of Nii Kweku Bibini has not been treated with much seriousness almost nine (9)years after the incident. They are therefore calling on the security agencies to up their game before something terrible happens again.

By: Ghanaian Voice


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