Stop Tagging Nigerians As Criminals – Nigerians Caution TV Host


Nigerians in Ghana have expressed displeasure over been tagged and accused of being criminals in the country without proof.


Their comments come on the back of the host of Seat Show on an Accra-based Net2 TV, Kwaku Annan alleging that the former Inspector General of Police (IGP) is aware of the Nigerian criminals involved in various crimes in Ghana.

According to him, the criminals pay a number of top Police Officers every month adding that although they are known, they are not apprehended.

Speaking in an interview with the in Accra, the Greater Accra Yoruba President, Amb. Oloye Oyeyemi Fatuyi FIIM, expressed anger at the accusation by the TV host and called his bluff to produce evidence for such wild allegations.

He noted that the person mentioned in the video left Ghana to Nigeria a year ago and now residing there.

Amb. Oloye Oyeyemi Fatuyi FIIM said from investigations he conducted, the TV host who made such allegation’s sister was married to the Nigerian he accused saying; he made such allegations out of bitterness and broke the marriage of his sister.

According to him, if comments from some media personnel cause the citizenry to rise against that particular nation, it will turn into xenophobia as it happened in South Africa.

Amb. Oloye Oyeyemi Fatuyi FIIM stated that, while the government of Ghana owes it a duty to care for all and warn against criminals when they receive unimpeachable intelligence, it is important that this is done in a manner that does not incite Ghanaians against other nationals.

He pointed out that this can also lead to reprisal attacks on nationals of the host nation living in countries where the perceived criminals hail from, he added.

Amb. Oloye Oyeyemi Fatuyi FIIM argued that contrary to the allegations, Nigerians in Ghana are law-abiding people who comprise astute businessmen, bankers, insurance brokers, students as well as investors.

He called on the Ghana Police Service and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to as a matter of urgency investigate the matter and bring the perpetrators to book if indeed the allegations are true.

Amb. Oloye Oyeyemi Fatuyi FIIM added that to ensure that foreigners are not involved in crime in their host nations, the security agencies and immigration officials must ensure that the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) protocols regarding the free movement of persons, goods and establishment are properly adhered to.

By: Paul Mamattah


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