Staff Of GSCL Refutes Unfounded Claims Published By Pulse Ghana


The entire staff of the Ghana Supply Company Limited (GSCL) have rejected a frivolous and unfounded publication by an online news portal, Pulse Ghana, stating that the staff of GSCL are demanding the removal of the current Managing Director, Mr. Abraham Jawol.


The false publication which was deficient in providing any tangible reason for the removal of Mr. Jawol, saw the three branches of the GSCL thus, Airport, Tema and Head Office branches in a timely press release stated emphatically that, they have no idea as to who is behind this devilish plot, and completely disassociate themselves from having knowledge about such false accusation.

Meanwhile, a common theme that runs through the press releases of these branches lauded the hardwork, competence, and integrity of Mr. Jawol, the current Managing Director.

They also countered this false publication with some of the outstanding achievements of Mr. Jawol, stating that under the competent watch of Mr. Jawol, he has been able to influence the commissioning of a Board for the company, which used to operate without a board.

Mr. Jawol according to the staff, has ensured that debts that the company owed are now paid and in fact, have rather been gaining much returns, adding that, staff salaries which used to be in arrears are now fully paid and improved and staff now smile to the bank at the end of every month.

Also, the press releases stated that, the company’s books have now been audited to 2019, due to the efforts and commitment of Mr. Jawol, an exercise, which has so long not been done.

Based on these unique achievements of Mr. Jawol, all staff of the GSCL emphatically states that, they are solidly behind retainment of their Managing Director and advise the general public to ignore any claims of the staff calling for the removal of the Managing Director.

Mr Abraham Jawol was last year recognised for reviving a heavily indebted poor state agency and making it attractive for business since his appointment by the Voiceless Media and Consult in its award series.


Source: The Voiceless Media



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