Sogakope Chieftaincy: Tension Looms, As Police Use To Harass Soga Family/Residence


A group of people who are claiming to be successors to the Soga stool are using the police in cahoot with the out-gone DCE, Louis Emmanuel Agamah to harass Soga family in the town at random.


This people are known allegedly to be signing Laweh as their family name but suddenly changed to Soga with “H” at the end of the name.

One Freeman Agbenya Sogah installed illegally as Dufia of SogaKofe and ran quickly to file an injunction at the National House Chiefs, Kumasi with the support of unscrupulous elders restricting the real Soga family from installing a legitimate successor to their stool.

With the support of these invisible elders, Mr Agbenya Sogah and one Francis Sogah aka Abusibie are all over claiming they are Soga chief and stool father and are going round harassing people and taking their lands from them.

This is creating lots of tension in the town; in respect to that, the real Soga family over the week-end issued a statement to radio stations and information centres to inform the general public they have not installed anybody to succeed the late Dufia of SogaKofe, Togbe Avudzega I.

In the course of the announcement brought by the Soga family on the Divine Information Centre, Sogakope, unhappy Francis “Sogah” aka Abisibie came with a Police CID to arrest the announcer, Wisdom Dugbor for carrying out with the announcement.

Though, the case is yet to be heard at the Kumasi National House of Chiefs, Mr. Agbenya “Sogah” and Francis “Sogah” however are always seeing parading themselves as Dufia of Sogakope and Soga stool father.

The alleged Information picked during the attempt arrest, the female Police who left her ID card, mistakenly pulled out her NPP membership card to show as her Police ID card.

On Monday, when the announcer, Mr Dugbor went to the Sogakope District Police station with his boss, the Police detained him for close to 8 hours before he was granted bill.

In lieu of this, the people of SogaKofe are appealing to the National House of Chiefs, Kumasi to fast-truck the case before them to stop unforeseen bloodbath following the current looming tension in the Soga town. picked that the respondent to the Kumasi National House of Chief, the Soga stool father, legitimate proposed successor and others have paid their fee but the plaintiff did not pay s dime since they filed in August, 2019 and no single hearing was made.

In addition, available documents from the Hohoe Court to this portal indicates that Freeman Agbenya “Atsuga Sogah II” was convicted for stealing seven (7) huge of tilapia fish. This fact is also known to the people of SogaKofe who accorded him accolade “Tilapia Chief” in the town.

By: Ghanaianvoiceonline


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