Silver Shells Fitness And Wellness Centre Open For Business


Silver Shells Fitness and Wellness Centre, an ultramodern gymnasium operated by high table services has been opened for the public to prioritise their physical well-being. It targets people living within Accra Metropolis, Weija in the Weija-Gbawe Municipality and Kasoa and its environs, calling on them to patronise the facility to stay healthy.


It aimed to help Ghanaians to adopt the habit of regular exercise to reduce weight and get rid of fats and cholesterol from the body in order to enhance their health with the right fitness instruction guidance.

Is also aimed at helping Ghanaian workers to be fit and healthier to be able to work harder for the country.

The Silver Shells Fitness and Wellness Centre which has been opened to the general public has all the latest and modern equipment and facilities to take care of one’s physical condition.

The Silver Shells Fitness and Wellness Centre was specially made for residents around Accra and Weija and its environs. They are being offered the opportunity to trim their bellies, reduce their weights and get some new formation of muscles.

Silver Shells Fitness and Wellness Centre helps people live better, and the gym achieves this by providing the best possible gym equipment, services, content and programmes, all of which use technology to connect to one another so that users can experience wellness no matter where they are.

The gym has certified fitness instructors and wellness professionals that can enable customers to enjoy the same wellness connected experience anywhere.

Silver Shells Fitness and Wellness Centre are also into the sale of fitness equipment for both operators of gyms and private individuals. Users can enjoy access to the world’s most complete range of gym equipment, for cardio training, strength training, functional training and group activities.

Anyone choosing Silver Shells Fitness and Wellness Centre products can be rest assured that they are training on equipment of the very highest level, just like a professional athlete.

You can locate Silver Shells Fitness and Wellness Centre at the Melcom building, West Hills Mall-Weija.

The branch selling the equipment is Silver Shells Fitness Occasions also located at at the Melcom building, West Hills Mall-Weija.

You can contact them on or via phone on +233 558205035/+233 508475083 for your gym, personal training, aerobics class and spa.

You can also contact the branch selling the equipment on website: to order equipment on line.

By: Paul Mamattah


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