Respect Traditions, Norms And Values They Begot Religion


The Secretary for Youth Affairs of the Ghana United Nations Association, GUNA, Comrade Samuel Bamidele TemiTope Ojo, has called for maximum respect and dignity for various societal norms, values and traditions because they underpin religion.


This he asserts, is the only way interreligious tolerance is possible to promote peace in the world.

He made this known in Accra when he and seven others were conferred with honour for their efforts at ensuring peace at all levels.

The seven personalities awarded with the peace ambassadorial prestige consist of politicians, academicians, reps of civil society organisations, religious leaders and traditional rulers for their hard work to enhance peace across several facets of the society.

Now Ambassador Comrade Samuel Bamidele TemiTope Ojo, has been honoured due to his benevolence and exceptional role at promoting peace, particularly between Ghana and their Nigeria brothers in respect of the GUTA-Nigeria trade impasse.

Ambassador Comrade Ojo receiving the award said, religions began with the individual at home in the form of norms and values anchored in traditions before assumed groupings and thus becoming religious entities.

He to this end called for respect and recognition for these primary elements to make for a common ground, giving rise to religious integration to foster peace in various spheres of life.

An awardee and the Member of Parliament for the Krowor Constituency, Agnes Naa Moomo Lartey, implored colleagues not to consider awards only as an honour, but also a responsibility to step up the good works that earned them the recognition for the societal good.


By: Edward Tetteh


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