Re: Purchase Of Contract Documents By Contractors And Suppliers


My attention has been brought to some letters dated 14th May, 2020 in which it was alleged that I asked contractors and suppliers of the NDA to pay a certain 5% from their contracts towards the campaign activities of the NPP.


I wish to state in the strongest of terms that those letters are absolutely fake and were not authored by me.

I therefore want to use this medium to appeal to my friends in corporate Ghana and all staff of the Northern Development Authority to treat the letters with the contempt that they deserved.

May I also state that management in collaboration with other statutory agencies are investigating this outright criminality to expose the characters who got engaged in this fake and unprofessional conduct.

May I repeat for the avoidance of any iota of doubt that, I never authored such amateurish letters.

As someone who is fully aware of good corporate governance practices and also abhors unethical practices with passion it is not in my mind or character to get involved in matters like this.

May readers take note of the rather weired insinuation of I the CEO , writing a letter to my self with my address on the letter and on my own letterhead and signed and then the said consultant by name Akamara received the said letter one month before it was written.

The alleged letter was written in May 2020 and the consultant received it in April 2020. Is this not curious?


Yours Faithfully
….,Dr Alhassan
Sulemana Anamzoya.,…

Acting Chief Executive Officer NDA


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