President Akufo-Addo Must Listen To Professional Advice – Godwin Ako Gunn


Good morning fellow country men and women, today’s daily Graphic front page has a scary headline story from NOGUCHI. They are calling for a lockdown as the only way to stop the spread of this virus.


If the professionals handling this situation are calling for something more proactive and drastic then it means they may be overwhelmed by the number of test carried out and the outcome thereof.

Someone is not telling us the truth, someone is being economical with the facts available. Let me humbly advice us all to call on the Gov’t to listen to professional advice !!!

Its unfortunate that with all these, the electoral commission and the national identification authority are still putting the lives of many in danger by doing their own things under a misguided notion of “the law says”.

Considering the fact that the NIA is headed by a Professor, a so called human right activist and a criminologist; I wonder where else wisdom could be hiding if it can’t be found in books.

Personally don’t allow yourself to be part of the statistics. Stay at home if you have nothing doing outside. Ghana needs you alive

Your excellency Nana Addo Danquah, we can only agitate, because of the condition, we can’t demonstrate. Yours is just to show leadership with conscience and wisdom !!!

Mine is to pray and fast with other Ghanaians tomorrow, Wednesday, as you have directed, but today, I will talk, because I am interested in better days ahead for all.

Kun fa Yakun

By : Godwin Ako Gunn


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