Police Charged To Stop “Land Guard” Menace…Chief


The Chief of Ngleshie Lafaa Barima under the James Town Stool of the Greater Accra region, Nii Ayi Okufuobour I, has called on the Ghana Police Service and other security agencies to work hard to eliminate the activities of land guards in the country.


According to him, land disputes and landguards attacks remain a thorny issue that could disturb the peace prevailing in the region if immediate measures are not taken to find amicable solution.

Speaking in an interview with the Ghanaian Voice in Accra, Nii Ayi Okufuobour I, said even though peace is prevailing in Accra, issues of land disputes have the potential of derailing it.

He appealed to the Inspector General of Police, James Oppong-Boanuh, Greater Accra Regional Minister, Ismael Ashietey to put in more efforts to to clamp down on these landguards to safeguard lives of residents and land developers in Accra especially developing areas.

Nii Ayi Okufuobour I, said such acts of lawlessness and indiscipline on the part of individuals who under the pretext of protecting their lands without documentary prove or backing, mobilising young men and resourcing them with all kinds of offensive weapons to cause mayhem and terrorise innocent people immensely undermines law and order and must be dealt with accordingly by the Police.

He noted that land cases are fought at the relevant institution such as Land Commission, Land Title Registry, Office of the Administrator of Stool Lands, law court among others for redress.

Nii Ayi Okufuobour I, also called on the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development and Lands Commission to as a matter of urgency investigate the numerous administrative boundary disputes between the various communities in the Greater Accra region.

He noted that boundary dispute has become a source of conflict between some communities and therefore appealed to the government to determine the boundaries between the communities to solve the problem once and for all.

Nii Ayi Okufuobour I, stressed the need for indigenes in the Greater Accra region to unite for the progress and development of the Ga State.

He appealed to the National House of Chiefs and the Greater Accra Regional House of Chiefs to intervene and help bring an amicable solution to chieftaincy disputes in the region.

By: Paul Mamattah


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