Nungua Mantse, Dzaasetse In Land Theft


The Paramount Chief of Nungua, King Odaifio Welentsi III, and his Nii Dzaasetse, Nii Botwe Laryea II, have been fingered in numerous land theft cases by the residents of Nungua and its environs in the Greater Accra Region.


The so-called Nii Dzaasetse and the Mantse only use land guards to execute their dirty deals by invading private lands in a show of force to try and take the very land they sold from its’ rightful owners.

Just a month ago, our checks revealed that these two Nungua elders have stormed a private land with landguards to take over the piece of land belonging to one Mr. Sulley Salifu at Lashibi in Accra.
Even though, Mr. Sulley Salifu has erected a fence wall and single room on the piece of land with his caretaker residing while a welding workshop has been opened to also give maximum protection to that (Mr. Sulley’s) property, this couldn’t deter them from invading the land.

In the early hours of Wednesday, the Mantse and his Dzaasetse sent their land guards to destroy properties of Mr. Sulley and the said welding shop while the matter is still in court. These elders claimed to have sold the land to another person for Gh400,000.
When he (Sulley) contacted the Dzaasetse to enquire from him about the land he sold to him some eight (8) years ago, only for the Dzaasetse to demand from Mr. Sulley Salifu another Gh200,000 in other for him to have his peace of mind.

For Mr. Sulley to settle the matter once and for all, he pleaded that he could only raise Gh60,000 for them to stay off his land on which the Mantse and his Dzaasetse agreed and warned him that failure to raise the said amount in few hours is tantamount to losing his land.

As time passes and ultimatum given expired, only for Mr. Sulley who is based overseas to be told that an unknown person had invaded his premises to dig a foundation on the instruction of the Nungua Mantse Nii Dzaasetse based on the reason for that act that they had sold the land to another person for Gh400,000.

Nii Laryea Botwe II, is said to have also shown airs indicating that if the owner tries to make any attempt on land then he will release his attack dogs on him.

This portal has gathered that Nii Laryea Botwe II, the CEO of Kpoo Kɛkɛ bitters moved to placed an interlocutory injunction at the High Court in Madina seeking to prevent the owner from occupying and further developing the land.

According to the facts of the matter, the land in question was sold to Mr. Sulley by the chiefs of Nungua led by the Dzaasetse in August 2013.

A land title registration covering the land shows that the 0.394 acre parcel situated at Lashibi, in the Tema Metropolitan Assembly was acquired in the 2013.However, for some years the land that has one room built on it by the owner catches the eye of the Mantse and his Dzaasetse.

Despite Mr. Sulley Salifu’s relatives staying and taken care of the land for him, this could not stop the chiefs from deploying their macho men to threaten and pull down his structures.

When contacted the Dzaasetse to hear his side of story, he confirmed the land was sold to Mr. Sulley Salifu by his brother.



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