Nsawam Police Behave ‘Abnormal’ – Market Women And Drivers


Market women in and around Adjen Kotoku in the Ga West Municipality have described the actions of Nsawam Police Officers as abnormal and inhumane in the fight against the coronavirus.


Private card owners and the taxi drivers also complained that the way the police who mounted barriers at the entering point of Nsawam, was preposterous and ‘uncivil’.

According to one of the private car owners, the police officers at the mounted barrier at the Y – junction linking to Nsawam through from prisons and Nsawam by-pass do not allow them to go to Nsawam to do business.

They argued that they have their businesses in Nsawam, in the Eastern Region where the lockdown has not affected. The angry taxi drivers also posited the police refuse them exiting with their passengers who charter them with the loads of food stuffs for sale in their mini-marts Adjen Kotoku and its catchment areas.

The taxi drivers said the bush way they have discovered for use with the loads of food stuffs the police went to block the place living the market women stranded with their food stuffs most of which are perishable fruits like tomato, onions okra amongst others.

A furious private car owner who was shivering and nearly threw his hands at a police officer, but for the uniform he took heart, explained that he was alone in his vehicle to Nsawam and the police asked him to return.

He told the officer he was going to buy some food stuffs in the market with his own car but the officer refused to allow him. The police officer asked him did not he hear President Akufo-Addo says all should stay at home not to come out for anything?

He told Ghanaian Voice that the behaviour of the police officer was ridiculous ill-treatment to mankind at this time when people live, but the police is taking advantage to maltreating them unprovocatively.

By: Edudzi A. Gator


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