NPP PC For Sagnarigu Constituency Combines Donation With Education


The NPP Parliamentary Candidate for the Sagnarigu constituency, Madam Felicia Tettey has employed a unique strategy in the Sagnarigu constituency in her effort to educate the people on the dreaded covid-19 pandemic.


She has combined the donation of covid-19 logistics with a deliberate education on the virus alongside the many donations in the constituency to keep the people safe.

All 53 communities that constitute the Sagnarigu constituency have had Veronica buckets, bacteria liquid soap and hand sanitizers placed at the Palaces of all the chiefs of those communities.

Aside the Palaces of the chiefs, Madam Tettey also provided Veronica buckets in vantage places of the constituency where the elderly, the youth and visitors to those communities can have easy access to those facilities before embarking on their activities in the area.

The Parliamentary
Candidate and her team are also moving from house to house in the constituency to educate the people on the covid19 Pandemic whilst donating hand washing soaps.

All health facilities in the Sagnarigu constituency have received covid-19 donations from the NPP Parliamentary Candidate to help in the fight against the Pandemic.

It must be stated the Northern Region is one of the regions in Ghana with covid-19 cases.

There are currently 10 people in quarantine in Tamale with one of them escaping.

It is in the wake of the current state of affairs that Madam Felicia Tettey is embarking on this activity to keep her constituents safe.

The donations of the PC has received very positive commendations from the constituents.

Source: The Voiceless Media


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