Ningo Senior High Technical School Risks Losing ICT Lab


The Ningo Senior High Technical School risks losing its ICT laboratory due to computers being exposed to direct rains as a result of the roof wiping off by rainstorms.


The situation, therefore, requires urgent attention from relevant authorities or gadgets in the laboratory break down beyond repairs and eventually deprive the school of ICT laboratory.

Started as a private school by an indigene, W.G Nartey, the Ningo Senior High Technical School was absorbed by the government in 1992, with current students population of about 2 thousand.

Only about 500 out of the over thousand 800 plus students have been admitted as boarders with the majority of the students accommodating themselves elsewhere. The situation per checks is resulting in school dropouts as day students have to rent rooms in the nearby communities before commuting to and from school at an average amount of ten Cedis a day, a situation many parents are unable to bear, hence students falling out of school.

To worsen their plights, a rainstorm on Friday 1, 2022, ripped off the roofs of their ICT laboratory, staff common room, and Kitchen.

The visit during Wednesday downpour met the computers, WiFi, servers, and other accessories covered with poly materials under the open roof with rainwater dripping all through the ceiling which only prevents the gadgets from direct sun rays.

Not only are computer lessons on hold since the incident, but both the teaching staff and the students are also living in a difficult situation, worsening their already existing constraints which include a lack of water, school buses, the dormitory for boys and girls scrambling for space in their woefully inadequate dormitory.

The Ningo-Prampram District Education Director, Mrs. Sarah Adobosu, commenting on the development said, she informed the assembly after having first-hand information on the damage as NADMO officials were directed to assess the situation, saying they are waiting for a response from the assembly.

Mrs. Adibosu sought the opportunity to appeal to spirited individuals and corporate entities in and around the Ningo-Prampram areas to augment the government’s effort at uplifting education in the district. “I know we have wealthy people in this area. I am just pleading with spirited individuals, the MP, and all entities to help the directorate to enhance the duration of the Ningo-Prampram District” she emphasized.

Meanwhile, as of Friday, April 8, 2022, the wiped-off roofs were yet to be attended to.

By: Edward Graham Sebbie



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