Nii Ayi Mensah Inducted Into Frimpong We To Bring An End To Nii Boiman Chieftaincy Dispute


The Dzaasetse of Nii Boiman, Nii Ayi Mensah I, has been officially inducted into Nii Ayi Okum Frimpong We Royal Family of the Asere Division of the Ga State in the Greater Accra region as the substantive Dzaasetse of Nii Boiman.


At a ceremony held at Nii Ayi Okum Frimpong We Royal Family in Accra, traditional rites involving the slaughtering of a sheep and pouring of libation were performed by the traditional authorities to welcome him into the house.

Presenting him before the elders and people of Nii Ayi Okum Frimpong We, the highest Priestess of Asere Haawor Dzamli, said the induction of Nii Ayi Mensah I, signified victory for the entire Ga State and the people of Nii Boiman.

She explained that Nii Ayi Mensah I, linage could be traced to Nii Ayi Okum Frimpong We, saying; the time had come to restore the glory of Nii Boiman, urging all Ga people and Asere in particular, to support the Dzaasetse.

She noted that since Nii Ayi Mensah I, has been inducted by the Frimpong We Royal Family, the issue of chieftaincy disputes in the Nii Boiman area would be a thing of the past, and peace would reign in the area.

She therefore charged Nii Ayi Mensah I, to use his office as a Dzaasetse to constitute his council members and also to install new chief for the town to bring development to the people.

After the induction ceremony, one of the principal family head of Nii Ayi Okum Frimpong We, Nii Ayi Tagoe, admonished Nii Ayi Mensah I, to help champion the developmental projects being spearheaded by himself.

He further stressed that he should foster unity among the people of Nii Boiman development and the Ga state as a whole.

Nii Ayi Tagoe entreated him to do everything possible within their power to raise the development status of the area and also to protect Asere lands.

He therefore pledged their support in all endeavours for him to succeed in his reign as the Dzaasetse.

The Secretary of the Nii Ayi Okum Frimpong We Royal Family of Asere, Alhaji Abdul Aziz Nii Ayi Tagoe, reiterated the position of Nii Ayi Mensah I, as the rightful and recognised Dzaasetse of Nii Boiman.

He stated that Nii Ayi Mensah I, is a true descendant of Asere stool which according to him, Nii Ayi Mensah must be recognised as such adding that, he is now a principal member of the Royal Family.

He assured the Nii Ayi Okum Frimpong We Royal Family will give him the necessary support to succeed.

After the swearing-in, which was done amid pomp and ceremony, Nii Ayi Mensah I, pledged his allegiance to the elders and thanked them for the advice and guidance.

He also promised to work hard to enable Asere regain its lost status, and pledged that he would make himself available anytime he was called upon.

Nii Ayi Mensah I,  expressed his gratitude to the members of Frimpong We for the confidence reposed in him and called on his people to coexist peacefully and contribute meaningfully to the development of the town.

He described the moment as the beginning of the unification and development of the Ga State and pledged to provide sterling leadership that would focus on peace, unity and development.

The ceremony was witnessed by a number of Muslim and people from the traditional area, and was characterised by traditional drumming and dancing.

Meanwhile, Elliot Nii Yartey Boi who parades himself as the Chief of Nii Boiman fortnight ago was also at Nii Ayi Okum Frimpong We Royal Family for his induction, but the was sacked by elder of the family.

According to them, Elliot Nii Yartey Boi is not recognised as a chief of the area and does not come from Asere.

They cautioned him not to carry himself as the chief of Nii Boiman if he refuse they will take legal action against him.

By: Paul Mamattah


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