Nii Amar Noryaa Is Not Chief Of Nii Boiman – Asere Dzaasetse


The Principal Kingmaker of the Asere quarter of the Ga State, Nii Amarkai III, has reiterated the destoolment of Nii Amar Noryaa I, also Known as Elliot Nii Yartey Boi who parades himself as the Chief of Nii Boiman.


According to him, Elliot Yartey Boi is not the legitimate Chief of the area and has been destooled for being disrespectful to the stool and elders of the community who enstooled him.

It will be recall that the self styled Chief, Elliot Nii Yartey Boi was destooled in the year 2020 for gross insubordination towards the elders of Asere Stool and Nii Boiman, flouting the oath, illegal installation of sub Chiefs and the use of landguards.

Speaking in an interview with the in Accra, the Principal Kingmaker of the Asere quarter of the Ga State, Nii Amarkai III, stated that Elliot Yartey Boi cannot call himself as a Chief since he breached the customs and traditions of the Ga State saying; that was why he was destooled by the Principal Kingmakers of Nii Boiman.

He pointed out that the Asere Stool and elders of Nii Boiman has no hand in his re-enstoolment urging the public to disregard the fake installation.

Nii Amarkai III, further stated that he wrote to the Ga Traditional Council for the destoolment of Elliot Yartey Boi saying; the law of chieftaincy says who installed destooled.

Reacting to a report by the Judicial and Fact Finding Committee of the Ga Traditional Council, he urged the Chairman of the Committee, Nii Ayi Bonte II, Gbese Mantse to respect the court because the court has ruled against Elliot Yartey Boi who cannot parade himself as a Chief.

He therefore emphasized the need for residents of Nii Boiman not to transact any business with Elliot Yartey Boi as the Chief of the town, adding that the Nii Boiman stool is still vacant.

Nii Amarkai III, therefore reaffirmed legitimacy of the Nii Boiman Dzaasetse, Nii Ayi Mensah I, and implored the general public to recognise him as the Dzaasetse of Nii Boiman.

“Nii Ayi Mensah I is the properly installed Djaaseste of Niiboiman and no other person must be acknowledged as such”. Nii Amarkai III stressed.

Watch the interview with Nii Amarkai



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