Nii Adotey Tsofatse, Others, Receive Conferment From Sempe Mantse


The Sempe Mantse and Acting President of the Ga Traditional Council, Nii Adotey Otintor II, has over the weekend performed the necessary traditional rites to fully accept and induct six (6) sub Chiefs into the Sempe Chieftaincy.


By this spectacular rites of induction and conferment of these Chiefs who before their induction were enstooled as development and other Chiefs in their respective jurisdictions pledge to owe allegiance to the Sempe Mantse.

Amongst these six newly enstooled Chiefs were, Nii Adotey Tsofatse I, Sempe Noryaa Manklalo, Nii Addo Mnai I, Sempe Noryaa Akwashongste, Nii Akwei Odankwa I, Sempe Otordzor Manklalo, Nii Akwei Odankwa, Sempe Otodzor Manklalo, Nii Kpakpo Dzale I, Nii Adotey Dzata I, Sempe Ashante Manste and Nii Adokwei Okatakyei, Sempe Noryaa Manste.

After the induction ceremony, the Acting President of Ga Traditional Council admonished the newly inducted developmental Chiefs to help champion the developmental projects being spearheaded by himself.

He further stressed that this induction ceremony is not just for fancy but it is for unity, development and unity amongst the people of Sempe and Ga in general.

Nii Otintor urged them to do everything possible within their power to raise the development status of the Sempe area so that investors would be attracted to the area.

In an interview with the media, Nii Tsofaste, also known in private life as Dr. Leslee promised to champion developmental projects within the Sempe area.

Nii Tsofatse further explained that as part of his plans for the area he would establish a scholarship Scheme to empower the youth of Sempe to enrol in trade of their choice.

” Our conferment as Chiefs in our respective jurisdictions signifies our readiness to extend a helping hand to Nii Otintor to develop the Sempe area to be achieve the status of being one of most developed areas within the country.

In a message to the people of Sempe and the Ga state in general with regards to the upcoming “Homowo” festival, the newly enstooled Developmental Chief of Sempe, Nii Tsofatse I, mentioned that he will champion the clarion call for unity amongst some families within the entire Sempe state and also help with the development of he various villages that make up Sempe.

He reiterated his allegiance to Nii Adotey, saying ” I will heed to Nii Adotey Otintor’s call anytime the acting president of Ga Traditional Council calls,” Nii Tsofaste stressed.

Gracing the occasion were members of the Clergy, representatives of the Tepa Traditional Council as well as some Chiefs from the central region of Ghana. He seized the opportunity to advice the newly inducted chiefs not to relent on their promise of owing allegiance to Nii Otintor.

On his part, one of the newly enstooled Akwashongtse of Sempe, Nii Addo Mnai I, also know in private life as Sammy Twumasi ” we are promised the people of Sempe to look out for development and peace amongst each other. “There’s strength in peace and unity,” Nii Mnai I, added.

He further entreated all celebrants of the upcoming “Homowo” Festival to continue observing the health and safety protocols for combating the deadly Coronavirus disease.

In a closing remarks, Nii Tsofatse I, admonished the other newly enstooled Chiefs to contribute their quota towards the development of the Sempe area to the benefit of generations yet unborn.

NII Addo Mnai I, advised the teeming youth to desist from activities that could lead to violence scenes as they observe the “Homowo” Festival.

He also asked for God’s continued blessings and long life for the Sempe Mantse.

By Kingsley Asiedu


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