Nigerians In Diaspora Charge To Adhere To COVID-19 Precautionary Measures


The Nigerians In Diaspora Organisation, NIDO Africa have been charged to take a precautionary measure against the coronavirus pandemic which is creating fear and panic across the globe.


In a press release issued in Accra by NIDO Africa, states it was a global knowledge that the world is facing the COVID-19 pandemic that is posing serious health challenges to everyone.

To this effect, the interim Chairman of NIDO Africa, Ambassador Obiara Odumah advised all Nigerians in the diaspora to take all measure prescribed by health institutions and respective government directives wherever they may reside on the continent.

Amb. Obiora Odumah encouraged all Chapter Presidents to shelve all
meetings in the next one month and make use of sharing respective
information through non contact channel as prescribed in social
distancing advocated.

He reminded them to always wash our hands with soap and water for the prescribed period of time and always use hand sanitizer whenever they touch any surface.

Amb. Obiora Odumah urged them to refrain from sharing information that may lead to further panic situation.

He added that any movement around that are not necessary should postpone till the pandemic situation is over.

The statement concluded that may God be with all Nigerians in the diaspora through this trying moment and always
remember to check on their family at home through calls to check their welfare.

Below is the full statement:

By: Paul Mamattah


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