Ngleshie Lafaa Chief Constructs Drainage For Mendskrome And Pamblos Communities


As part of measures to curb the perennial flooding at Weija, Tetegu, Mendskrome, Pamblos and its environs, the Chief of Ngleshie Lafaa, Barima, Nii Ayi Okufuobour I, has embarked on the construction of drains to help resolve the constant flooding of the community anytime it rains.


Speaking in an interview with the Ghanaianvoiceonline at Weija, the Chief of Ngleshie Lafaa, Barima Nii Ayi Okufuobour I, said the decision to construct the drainage was borne out of the sufferings of his people occasioned by the huge volume of water from McCarthy Hills that passes through the street to Tetegu, Mendskrome, Pamblos and its environs.

Nii Ayi Okufuobour I, who is also the Asafoatse of Weija added that the perennial flooding in those communities has created serious ecological challenges and threatened the socio-economic activities of the people of the area.

“The lack of proper drainage in the community continues to affect the people anytime it rains. People’s homes get flooded and many get displaced so I was touched as a Chief of Ngleshie Lafaa Barima, and my people’s lives are my concern to find solution to them.” He stated.

Nii Ayi Okufuobour I, said government alone cannot provide all the basic necessities of life for the people at the grassroot due to inadequate funds at government’s disposal, as such it is important that people who can help in making communities better assist government in bringing development to these communities.

“My message to well meaning Ghanaians is for them to put their resources together to develop our country because government alone cannot provide all the basic necessities of life to communities because of competing demands and lack of adequate resources to finance projects”. He stated.

“I humbly advise every other person that has the capacity to do one or two for his or her community, because whatever you provided no matter how small will go a long way in improving the living standard of the people at the grassroot”. He advised.

By: Paul Mamattah


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