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National Poetry Winner To Visit Soga Impersonator Chief

Unblemished information gathered by the Ghanaianvoiceonline.com  indicateds that the 2020 National Poetry Award Winner has scheduled to visit the Soga impersonator chief, Freeman Leweh à.k.a “Torgbe Atsuga Sogah II”.

A Laweh family member, Wisdom Sogah who happens to be the National President for National Union for Tongu Students and Associates (NUTSA) is purported to have arranged for this visitation to help make their self-styled Soga chief relevant in Sogakope after a serious skirmishes over his (Freeman) legitimacy as Dufia of Sogakope.

Freeman Leweh will be receiving this INNOCENT 2020 National Poetry Award Winner, Torgbui Olokodzoko on Sunday June 6, 2021.

It was widely noted some unconscientious elders in the Fievie Traditional Area planned the snatching of the Soga stool to the Laweh family as they led the clandestine installation of Freeman Laweh Sogah to enable them to execute their long harboured agenda against the real Soga family in the traditional area.

Freeman Laweh Sogah was also given a new stool father called Francis Sogah and by the coaching of these elders, quickly ran to National House of Chief to restrain the real Soga family from installing the legitimate Dufia of Sogakope.

In a bid to buy recognition at all cost both in the media and in the Sogakope township, the Laweh family requested of their brother, Wisdom Sogah to arrange for the visitation for the unrecognised chief for media coverage.

This move was after a skirmishes between the Laweh family, with the brought police on their side against the real Soga family over a harmless announcement on the air waves indicating the real Soga family has not installed anybody as the Dufia of Sogakope.

This incident with the help of the police on the Laweh side was widely reported in the media, hence he needed the visitation to cover his shame in the area.

Freeman Laweh “Sogah” was convicted for stealing seven pieces of tilapia when he was working as a watchman with the Tropo Company limited in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

Checks by this portal shows as at this publication that Laweh Atsuga Sogah is not a recognised Dufia of Sogakope as he is struggling to get some elders to help get him gazetted at the Volta Regional House of Chiefs so he could continue to parade himself as the Dufia of Sogakope.

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