NAFASO SA To Produce Improved Crop And Plant Seeds For Farmers In Ghana And West Africa


Neema Agric of Faso SA (NAFASO), a Burkina Faso based agro business company specialized in producing high yield and improved maize, rice and cowpea seeds at affordable prices has signed a multi million Ghana Cedis deal with Bless Soil farms, a Ghanaian Agric firm to set up a branch in Ghana to support and empower small-scale farmers in the country and the sub region.


NAFASO is well positioned in the sub-regional market in the field of producing enhance and high yielding seeds (either crop or plant) for the regional market demands to meet the agricultural revolutionary target for countries in the sub-region.

The company is aiming to raise awareness and produce seed adapted to the effects of climate change, citing climate change and demographic growth as the two major challenges facing the African continent.

Speaking in an interview with the Ghanaian Voice in Accra, the Chief Executive Office of NAFASO, Abdoulai Sawadogo stated that NAFASO ranks second in 2019 index for Western and Central Africa and when establish in Ghana it will support farming communities throughout the country to produce more crops.

He noted, in marketing and sales where the company performs best, it demonstrates a broad distribution network in 11 index countries including; its home market of Burkina Faso, where it partners with agro-dealers to reach smallholder farmers across the entire country.

Mr. Sawadogo added that NAFASO already partners with several organisations including; West and Central African Council for Agricultural Research and Development (CORAF), AGRA and West Africa Food Markets.

The company is a signatory of a project to increase the production and commercialization of maize, millet and sorghum varieties to tackle food security issues in Burkina Faso, Ghana Niger and the sub-region as a whole.

The company is to adopt a corporative position regarding improving access to seeds for peasant farmers including setting corporate targets and implementing a robust tracking mechanism.

The company has a corporate goal to make improved seed varieties more accessible to peasant farmers, aiming to make 50% of peasant farmers in Ghana aware of its seed by the end of 2022.

NAFASO produces certified seeds, which is reported to have the potential to improve local agricultural yields by 60% adding that quality assurance is provided by state-approved laboratories that certified the seeds.

Neema Agric of Faso SA (NAFASO) was founded in 2008 in Burkina Faso by Mr. Abdoulai Sawadogo and now employs 80 permanent staff, 1,500 seasonal workers and 1,200 temporary workers.

The company is active primarily in maize, sorghum and cowpea, producing 5,000 tons of seed per season.

It has a broad distribution network of 50 stores and 450 retailers in 11 index countries.

By: Paul Mamattah


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