Mother of Ken Agyapong’s daughter Anell speaks; reveals family secrets


Araba Dawson-Williams, the mother of one of Kennedy Agyapong’s daughters has spoken on statements the Assin Central MP made about their daughter.


The Assin Central MP recently narrated how one of his daughters has virtually become a beggar because of her wrong choices.

The daughter, Ken Agyapong revealed, was begging for funds to continue her education after squandering many opportunities he gave her.

According to Ken Agyapong, his daughter dropped out of California Institute of Technology (CIT) while in her third year of her five-year Architecture programme.

The Assin Central MP who was speaking on Oman FM indicated that he was paying $84,000 in school fees every year and was thus not pleased with his daughter’s decision.

The most painful thing to him was the fact that he had just paid half ($42, 000) right before his daughter called him while he was on a plane to China to inform him that she was dropping out.

He also revealed that her daughter had gone into substance abuse and was living a very promiscuous life. From that time, Kennedy Agyapong added, he cut her off and even used the other half of her school fees for the year to buy a Bentley.

While he did not mention the daughter’s name, it has turned she is Anell Agyapong, a 25-year-old daughter he had with one Fante lady called Araba Dawson-Williams.

Anell’s mother has challenged the Assin Central MP to allow Anell and his other children to go for a test to prove or disprove his claim.

In her rant, Dawson-Williams admitted that she and her daughter were not correct but she knows that worse things happen in Ken Agyapong’s house.

She made a lot of revelations about Ken Agyapong and his household and even vowed to curse him and his other children if he did not retract his statement.


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