Mother dumps two-day-old baby in a bush at Ofaakor Oklu-Nkwanta


Information gathered by Atinka news has it that a fresh mother has dumped her two day old baby at a bush near Kasoa Ofaakor, a small community called Patron, a suburb of Oklu Nkwanta in the Awutu Senya West District of the Central Region.


Although it is unclear where the suspect came from, an eyewitness who found the baby in the bush narrated how it all happened.

“I usually ease myself in the bush and when I went there, I heard a cry and drew closer, I realised that something had been wrapped in a cement paper, trouser and a towel, so I got to know that it was a baby and I got scared. I called my father to come and also see what was happening and then he also came to see the baby crying,” he narrated how he saw the baby.

The eyewitness also said that,”There were maggots on the baby when we took it from the wrapper, so we thought part of the body was decaying, but we realised that it was the placenta that attracted the maggots.”

Meanwhile, the incident has been reported to the Ofaakor District Police Command but no arrest has been made yet.

Below is a picture of the baby:



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