MCE Fumigates 50 Nima Mosques


Municipal Chief Executive, MCE of Ayawaso East Municipal Assembly, Hajia Salma Sani-Kuta has fumigated about 50 Mosques across the Municipality to prepare the place for payer.


President Akufo-Addo, two weeks ago has reviewed the number of gathering from 25 to 100 especially to enable the religious organisations to congregate for their activities and for families to also carry out with their funerals with the physical/social distancing protocol in mind.

The fumigation was to ensure the mosque is free from any air-born disease and persons who come into contacts with objects should not be infected with the coronavirus pandemic.

Hajia Sani-Kuta who sponsored the fumigation from her pocket told National Tymes that the exercise was part of her contribution to the society especially in the fight against COVID-19 in the Ayawaso East Municipality.

She was quick to add that the NPP Parliamentary Candidate, PC for the area, Peter Mireku has also fumigated some mosques in the Ayawaso East Constituency.

Hajia Salma Sani-Kuta urged every Moslim in the Ayawaso East Municipality to take the protocol measures seriously so they could prevent the pandemic from infecting them.

Her prayer was to see everyone alive to help in the fight against the novel coronavirus which has come to devastate mankind.

By: Delali A. Awuyeh



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