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Mass Registration Begets Mass Burial, Be Careful

Though the toddler considering happenings around them presently understand that times are indeed abnormal.

But the saying which should redirect our reasoning as a country is unfortunately influenced by wickedness, greed, power drunk and absurdity.

After the refusal to freeze foreign travels and close our borders to foreigners early enough at the time even developed countries with sophisticated equipment and enhanced healthcare systems had done so, our leaders including the president were traveling around the world engaging with nationals from European countries that had recorded the earliest cases of the Global pandemic, COVID-19.

Belated though, we eventually closed the borders and placed moratorium on travelling after the disease had arrived in the country.

We at a point went for lockdown in parts of the Ashanti and Greater regions with the confirmed cases hovering around thousand.

Unseasonably, the lockdown was relaxed at a time our case count had traversed 3 thousand. President in his address during the lifting made it carefully clear that he WOULD NOT hesitate to lockdown the country should the figures spike in future.

A lot of Ghanaians were not satisfied with the president’s decision and fear for their lives, questioning the rationale behind it.

Little did we know that his ILL-INTENT was fueled by selfish and wicked agenda just to allow the NPP conduct its parliamentary primaries and the Electoral Commission expose Ghanaians to the deadly disease to compile the needless, useless and senseless new voter’s register, which the government prioritises above the security of Ghanaians.

The case count rose to over 7 thousand in less than two weeks after easing the lockdown. As a country, we now inch towards 20 thousand recorded cases only for the Kojo Oppong Nkrumah-led daily disturbances to attribute it to more testing.

Apart from the president not seeing the wisdom in considering lockdown of areas with galloping cases, if not the entire country which undoubtedly comes with economic consequences yet cannot equal the ramifications of an escalated recorded cases, he together with the Supreme Court in what is one of Ghanaians most shocking moments have allowed the EC to subject the whole country to contracting the malaise.

Three days into the EC voter’s register registration, it has been established that all the protocols except nose masks have been thrown to the dogs, a disaster in the making.

No thermometer guns at registration centres, no mandatory handwashing before accessing the registration table as people mass up sometimes in disagreement over whose turn it is to be registered as officials careless.

These are the concerns individuals, civil society groups and some political parties raised as defence to their opposition of the registration exercise.

Just as there is spike in recorded cases after and as a result of the unwanted easing of the lockdown, refusal to halt registration for the ECOWAS card in some parts of the country earlier and massing up and jubilant crowds that characterised the NPP primaries, one does not need a rocket scientist to know the danger ahead weeks after the voter’s registration exercise.

Much as i encourage you to exercise your civic right of registering to acquire the voter’s ID card to enfranchise your constitutional right, stay away from the registration centre when the crowd gets thick to avoid being infected.

Even though it is my prayer that this disease dies off considering its damage to the world economies and most of all lives it has claimed, i foresee mass burial after the mass registration.


By: Edward Tetteh



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