Many Believe NDC Cannot Win Case At The Supreme Court Until Anin Yeboah Retire


Many have asked me where the confidence by the minority to go to the supreme court is coming from. Some have also asked what we have learnt from the 7:0 and 9:0 decisions during the last election petition.


I got shocked when one said, “i am sure the NDC want to see a 13:0 before you realize who panels judges at the supreme court”.

The calls have been overwhelming, 4 days after the ‘supposed’ passage of the E-levy, and the president’s signature to the bill knowing very well that there is an injunction by the minority even made it worse.

Let me share some of their sentiments.

Ako, check the rulings of Anin Yeboah JSC as he then was in the 2012 election petition. He granted every relief Nana Addo asked for. How do you think you can win a case against Nana Addo when he is the chief justice today?

Someone who claimed to work at the birth and death registry also had this to say. ” If not for election registration, how can the supreme court call our birth certificates good for nothing. Virtually saying it’s now a toilet paper”

Another asked me to cast my eyes to the speed that a court ruling to prevent the cape coast North MP to be sworn in got to Accra? Within 20 minutes a bailiff had been dropped from cape coast court to parliament house by a special drone.

One exclaimed Godwin think !!! Think deep !!! How do you think the NPP kept telling you guys they will pass the E-levy by the 30th of March? What did they know that you didn’t know? What do you think they did to ensure a member was not in the house before 12?

These worrying sentiments are unfortunately the ones I can share, because they are the decent ones amongst many.

However bad you think or feel the laws are being bent to please the system, We have a duty to assure our followers to have trust in the minority’s case in the court.

To over rule one’s own ruling, or not enlisting a case to be heard or whatever your suspicions may be, posterity will smile at all of us fairly.

Being seen as a poodle in the eyes of the populace, is something every institution must guard against.

I know the judiciary doesn’t work under duress, and the ruling to ensure majority being seated and voting was well thought through and I respect that decision.

Once the law is not in your bosom, nor mine, we can only support the judiciary and pray for better days ahead.

Kun fa Yakun

By: Godwin Ako Gunn


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