Lomobiawe Has Not Installed New Clan Head………….. As David Damaley Akporyo Is An Imposter


The Lomobiawe Clan of the Ada Traditional Area is warning prospective investors and the general public against doing business with anyone holding himself as the head of the clan.


This notice was served after elders of the clan had realised that one David Domaley Akporyo, is parading himself as the clan head of the Lomobiawe Clan.

Nomo Gbordzor Abayateye, head of the Abaya family from one of the kingmaking gates of the Dam3w3 section at a press conference in Ada said elders were preparing to replace their departed Nene Lomo III, only for David Domaley Akporyo, to be claiming that he is the newly installed Lomobiawe Clan head.

“David Domaley Akporyo is an imposter, the Lomobiawe Clan has not enstooled him as clan head” he emphasized.

According to Numo Gbordzor Abayateye, the constitution of the clan demands that all eight quarters endorse anyone chosen as clan head which was not the case. “We have elders from seven other quarters present here who knew nothing about the so-called Nene Lomo IV’s installation, what he is doing is illegality and counter traditional” further states.

Nomo Gbordzor Abayateye further explained that “David Domaley Akporyo has with the help of Nene Ada leased a piece of land around the Songor Lagoon to Electrochem, an agreement which is as null and void” the elder stressed.

The Abaya family head, therefore, warned David Domaley Akporyo not to carry himself as the head of the Lomobiawe Clan at the upcoming Asafotufiami festival since they will not tolerate that.

In a rebuttal presser, Nene Lomo IV, tells the media that he has won eight cases at law court concerning such opposition from his colleague kinsmen against them and does not understand what else they want. “I just returned from the court in a case involving myself and some elements from the Ogew3, the matrilineal section of the Lomobiawe Clan” the opined.

“I am from Dam3w3, a bonafide heir properly installed”

Nene Lomo IV, who disclosed that similar opposition greeted his predecessor for 28 years and is not perturbed and believes peace will prevail hints that though he seeks to take up the matter further, he will continue to call them for the resolution of the feuding as a legitimate successor to the Lobiawe Clan headship.

By: Ghanaianvoiceonline.com


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