LDS Plants Trees To Mark All Africa Service Project


The Adentan branch of the Church of JESUS CHRIST of the LATTER-DAY Saints (LDS) in collaboration with the Department of Parks and Gardens have over the weekend, embarked on a nation wide tree planting exercise to complement the government’s efforts at getting Ghana green.


Speaking to the media, James Yery, the second counsellor of the Adentan Stake of Zion Presidency of LDS stated the church has earmarked 21st August as the All Africa Service Project Day and this year’s event happen to coincide with the national tree planting exercise being spearheaded by the government, out of the initiative of the President of the republic H.E Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

According to Mr. Yery, Ghana as a country is faced with the challenge of deforestation, hence the church’s decision to join hands with the President’s initiative for planting 1million trees across the nation.

The places earmarked for this year’s tree planting exercise are West Africa Senior Secondary School (WASS) and Pantang Midwifery and Nursing Training College all located within the Madina Adentan Constituency in the greater Accra Region.

Mr. Yery mentioned that the church also partnered with the Department of Parks and Gardens and the partnership gave way to the rendering of education and some level of training with regards to spacing of the tress by Officers from the Department to the members of the the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Mr. Yery further explained that the trees will provide various benefits to the students in both institutions as well as the institutions themselves, explaining further, he mentioned that, the trees when matured, will act as a shield against the buildings of the institutions in the event of torrential rain storms that often comes with strong winds.

“This is a token to us as a church, to undertake to help our community,” Mr. Yery added.

On the issue with regards to ensuring a high level maintenance culture to see the tress planted grow till maturity and beyond, Mr. Yery recalled, the church before the day of planting, held meetings and signed various partnership agreements with a number of institutions including the Department of Parks and gardens who gave education on how and when to water the trees.

Again Mr. Yery disclosed that one such preliminary study by the Department’ of Parks and Gardens carried out at the Pantang Midwifery College, recommended for a cage to be provided around the tress in order to help protect them from stray animals.

“With all the above measures in place, we are optimistic that one year from the date of the planting exercise, we will come to witness the growth of each tree planted today,” Mr. Yery added.

The 2nd Counsellor of the Adentan community Church, sited the provision of food, ie fruits to be consumed by the students as well as serve as shed for effective prepping and studies. Mr. Yery pointed out that the tress will also provide fresh air for relaxation.

In an interview with the media, an assistant Horticulture officer from the Department of Parks and Gardens, Edem Kodzo Doe who doubles as a member of the Climate Change Mitigation Team at the Department of Parks and Gardens expressed his excitement at the tree planting exercise, being undertaken by both his outfit and LDS church; saying his outfit has similar project with theirs themed ” planting for now and the future”

According to him the Department has donated different species of tress free of charge in support of the church’s project. Mr. Doe listed some of the species issued for the project as follows; Mimusops, Akee Apple, Sweet Orange, Tangerine and Suer Sop (Aluguntugue) amongst others.

According to him there is the need to fully derive the benefits of tree planting and the key benefit is the air we breathe which is basic to the survival of humans.

“Our focus as a Department is not just planting, but also to nature, and to sustain,” he stressed.

When you cut a tree make sure you plant multiples of it in order to continue living since about 90% of the air we breathe comes from the trees we have around us. The more trees we plant, the more breathing air quality we will enjoy,” Mr. Doe observed.

By Kingsley Asiedu


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