Launch Of Attacks On The Nii Odoi Kwao Family


Nii Odoi Kwao II, head of the Nii Odoi Kwao family in Osu also known in private life as Mr. Koomson has called on the government to intervene in bringing some unscrupulous individuals to order.


Narrating an incident to the media, the family head recalled that at exactly 11:58 PM on Sunday, September 5, 2021 a group of men, with their faces fully masked, stormed the compound of Nii Odoi Kwao we (Family house) located at Osu, adjacent the castle road.

According to Nii Odoi Kwao II, at around 11:58PM on the wee hours of Sunday, September 5, 2021, he heard a sound of broken bottles at his door upstairs and similar sounds downstairs amidst shouting; “You Mr. Koomson, we hear you have gone to install a chief, you will see.”

This Mr. Koomson recalled, came alongside, all manner of vulgar words coming from the thugs.

According to the Head of the Odoi Kwao family, the scene lasted for about a minute or less and upon the attackers realising that people within the vicinity were getting out to witness what was happening, they quickly took to their heels.

Answering questions about the identity of the attackers, Mr. Koomson said ” All the attackers were masked up and therefore identifying them was not possible”

He however disclosed that, news of a press conference held by one family (Kikan We) have been circulating on various social media platforms prior to the attack, bothering on a statement issued by the “Kinkan We” Dzaase that there have been an installation of a Chief for Osu and that they will deal with those who did such an installation.

“I have no doubts as to those who sent these thugs to perpetrate this horrific attack on us,” Mr. Koomson lamented.

“When the incidence happened I called Oklenokuku, the head of the Teino family whose name was mentioned in the press release as well as threats to deal with him,” Nii Odoi Kwao I recalled.

According to him, He (Oklenokuku) also confirmed a similar attack in his family house located just about 200 metres away from the Nii Odoi Kwao family house.

This attack according him, took place at almost the same 11:58 PM hence my suspicion of the attackers, being made up one group and split into two with a well rehearsed plan for these attacks on both families.

Nii Odoi Kwao II, said he suspect they undertook the action concurrently in both houses, knowing very well, the repercussions of carrying out the attacks on both families at separate times.

Nii Odoi Kwao II, also hinted that he has since reported the incident to the Police for further investigations aimed at bringing these individuals to order.

He seized the opportunity to advice his family members especially the youths, not to retaliate the action by those thugs but rather rely on the Police for a professional handling of the case.

He again admonished any individual or family who thinks the installation was wrong to go petition either the Police, the Ga Traditional Council, Regional House of Chiefs, National House of Chiefs in addressing the issue or better still proceed to the Law Court to seek redress either than resorting to the use of thugs to launch attacks on families.

“If they think we don’t have the right to install a Chief for Osu, then they should go through the appropriate process in seeking redress,” Nii Odoi Kwao added.

By Kingsley Asiedu


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