La: Rita Odoley Helps Market Women And Lorry Stations To Fight Coronavirus


The National Democratic Congress,NDC, Parliamentary Candidate, PC, for La Dade Kotopong Constituency, Rita Naa Odoley Sowah, has provided for market women and lorry stations a number of items as precautionary measures against the coronavirus.


According to the former La Dade Kotopong Municipal Chief Executive, MCE and PC, Rita Naa Odoley Sowah, the move was to help ensure the virus did not spread further amongst the La market women and those who patronize the market.

She presented four (4) ‘veronica’ buckets, four (4) gallons of liquid soap/detergents aside small ones to start using it instantly and a number of hand sanitizers to be placed at the entrance and exists of the market with packs of tissues.

In addition to the items were tables for the veronica buckets and the number of kitchen stools for the hand washing bowls placed beneath the tables to collect the hand washed waters.

These items were to serve as the precautionary measures to help reduce the spread of the pandemic. She advised the recipients of the items against the pandemic and demonstrated how they should wash their hands to elbow level.

She also asked they inform those who patronize the market to wash their hands when entering the market and repeat same when existing after buying their food items.

Rita Naa Odoley, the NDC PC also gave the whole lorry stations in La Dade Kotopong Constituency/Municipality similar items to ensure their passengers and the drivers themselves are free of COVID – 19.

Already, the fight against COVID-19 was part of her house to house political campaign in the Constituency since she because wants the people alive going into elections 2020.

In an interview with the media, the NDC PC and former hardworking LaDMA MCE, indicated she worked well with the recipients of the items when she was leading the Municipality.

Rita Naa Odoley Sowah, Rita as she is affectionately called said she has the market women at heart because most of them are single parents who struggles a lot to take care of the home.

She appeals to the current authorities to try and complete the La new market complex she started for the woman to move in for safety of their goods and to continue with their businesses.

The Deputy La Market Queen mother and the leaders of the various lorry stations in the area were so marveled to see the NDC PC and former LaDMA MCE came round with such items to help them control the killer pandemic.

They were thankful to Rita Naa Odoley Sowah, NDC PC for her surprises to them. They pray for God to grant her heart desire, especially her ambition to represent the people of La in parliament.

Some of the market women and the drivers told Ghanaian Voice in an interview that Rita Naa Odoley is a good mother who thinks about their welfare, and she has ones again proofing it; she initiated the construction of the La new market complex which was about 80% complete when she existed as the MCE in 2017 they stated.

By: Delali A. Awuyeh


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