Kwateman Chief, Assembly Member, join In National Prayers


The Kwateman Chief, the Queen mother, Elders and the Assembly Member for Adjen Kotoku in the Ga West Municipality have joined the national prayer for God’s intervention to rescue Ghana from COVID-19.


The Chief, Nii Aklekwei III, Nii Ayi one-man, the stool Priest, the Queen mother, Naa Odey II, Nii Ardey III (Dzaasetse), Nuumo Martei III (Shipi), Nii Ayi Ayitey (Nii Fio) Nii kwei kukurudu v (Asafoatse) and Naa Adade Akwa III (Asafoanye) amongst other elders supported to offer the prayers.

Other were Nii Armah III (sentse) Nii Ayi Kwarshi I (Akwaashontse), Nii Atofotse, Kwarteman Ewe Queen mother, Nuumo Lartei (family head), Elders Quarshie, Alhaji Kwardey (Kwarteman Chief Iman) and Hon. Marbel Henry Nii chartey, the Kotoku Assemblyman.

Nii Aklekwei III, Kwateman Chief, led the prayers by pouring libation to invoke the spirit of the ancestors and the gods of the land to also step in to fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

It is believe Ghana is overwhelming by its grief, and confuse because the pandemic kept eating into the fabrics of the Ghanaian society.

COVID-19 is devastating the continent of the world including Ghana where most people are vulnerable in virtually everything that could make them stand the text of time including life and soul.

The situation in the country currently made the President appealed to Ghanaians to fast and pray in their small way for the country to be rescued from the pandemic.

Nii Kwateman invited other religious leaders including Adjen Kotoku branch of Pentecost Church, chief Imam of the area amongst others to help in the prayers.

A mini-born fire was also set for sins confession prior to the prayers to show reverence in the the course of the event.

By: Delali A. Awuyeh


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